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Brand Promise Delivered.

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You know your business. You know the questions that matter. You know the focus you want.

We can help you use measurement better to answer the questions that really matter, to drive better focus, to keep the focus on customer growth.

We are the antidote to silo based measurement and management. We help the CEO use measurement as a tool to drive simpler, cross functional alignment, shared purpose, consistent results.

Good measurement unites and aligns, it works to eliminate double counting, hyper claims, and will help hold every executive accountable for systemic, organic customer growth.

The CMO is responsible for distribution channel management, marketing communications, sales, pricing, customer service and customer relationships generally and often too new product development.

For this reason they are usually the nexus of customer information management.

We have tools to help, to ensure the Brand Promise gets delivered. You want customers to make the journey to become a great customer, we can help with that.

The CCO is often defined as “an executive who provides the comprehensive and authoritative view of the customer to maximize customer acquisition, retention, and profitability.”

Our tools are a virtual CCO in a box, tools to manage the balance between acquisition and retention, to manage the customer journey from prospect to great customers. Tools to enable test and learn. Tools to measure Marketing ROI accurately, across channels.

The COO is in the Brand Promise Delivery business. We have tools to ensure that Brand Delivery exceeds your customer’s expectations. Who are the employees driving customer growth? What are the moments of truth, the turning points? We have proven methods to map critical customer outcomes back into the key moments of success and failure on the customer journey.
Traditionally, a CFO is controller, treasurer and financial forecaster. Increasingly CFO’s are partners in strategy, and are expected to mitigate risk and improve operational integrity and governance cross functionally.

When it comes to top-line demand forecasting and risks, price optimization, testing, marketing ROI most CFO’s will find themselves with significant gaps in our experience.

We can help close these gaps. We can provide a tool-kit to help CFO better manage top-line demand and top-line demand risk in the areas of untapped demand, demand forecasting, share of customer wallet, core operational drivers of customer growth, leading predictive indicators of sales growth by unit, by customer segment.

Our systems provide the CFO with early warning systems of softening demand segment by segment, region by region, unit by unit and can help the CFO map back to root causes.

When it comes to the measures that drive the enterprise, we find that the measures tend to be unique to each enterprise, which means the key measures and how they are performing will NOT typically be found within financial reporting systems.

Our tools help the CFO map back from the critical customer outcomes to identify the cross functional drivers and leading indicators of customer growth. We help the organization build SIMPLE, FOCUSED models of growth of high quality and proven integrity, to transcend fallacies of ceteris paribus (everything else held equal) that never hold in a multi-collinear world.

The scope of the CIO’s job has only grown with the explosion of information technology. Top priorities include delivering—analytics, business intelligence, mobile technologies, cloud computing collaboration, legacy modernization, IT systems and management, customer relationship management, virtualization, security and enterprise resource planning.

The span of the position encompasses all aspects of information flow.

In our experience the persistent state of most CIO’s is this, a back-load of projects, more demand than band-width to deliver.

We have tools to help. Tools to connect 100% of your customer connections, not only the one’s you have BUT all the one’s the Marketing people haven’t asked for yet. We have the tools to help the CMO manage the customer journey, to connect up the ways customers connect with your company’s communication touch stream, to see what matters. We can answer the questions you’ve been asked and many of the questions you are about to get asked.

The CTO typically oversees the development and implementation of new technologies. Depending on the enterprise, the scope of responsibilities can be quite different, but among technologists, the CTO tends to be more forward looking, more big picture.

One of the questions the CTO may be tasked with is how to harness the potential of buzzwords like big data. The way we see it, companies that not only have the best data but learn how to use it best, tend to be the winners.

Using information effectively tends to be a big part of the CTO’s job. We have a good deal of expertise in deploying customer insights. Whether it be integrating our Global Customer Connection tool, implementing better scheduling tools we have significant experience reaping the benefits of customer data in complex real world integrations.