Here are some of the ways…

We help with data over load. The sheer number of connections means that increasingly companies are exhausted by data and database system sprawl. We can help, see Global Customer Connector.

Each customer connection node has distinct characteristics, so do distinct modes, email, postal, application, sms, social media. We have the knowledge and systems to help, see Global Customer Connector.

Companies struggle with organizing all of their customer connection and customer touch information in meaningful ways. We have the automated systems and expertise to help, see 1:1 Touch Stream.

Companies are adrift in the sea of customer connections, unsure of which connections really matter, how to assess the quality and consistency of customer interactions. We will help you sort that all out, see Customer Journey.

Many companies manage their own customer data hygiene. The software systems that do this are specialized and require special licensing and expertise. Our Global Customer connector includes full address standardization and complete NCOA services bundled in. We automatically run these services on each and every customer visit or transaction so you no longer have to worry about updates. See Global Customer Connector.

Quite often companies struggle to map the customer journey from the customer point of view. Even though there are 100’s of distinct connections we find they fall into four major buckets, explore, engage, know and purchase, we help you better understand the customer journeys that are most productive and emerging journeys that are most promising, see Customer Journey.

Most companies have a model for how they drive customer growth, this can be described as the way we think things work. Less often this model is quantified and validated using modern statistical methods. We can help you identify, measure and validate your model, to identify and measure the key levers, the key leading indicators within each functional area that best drive organic customer growth.  See Customer Growth Model.

The total amount of investment in price off promotions, discounts and allowances dwarfs the total amount spent on advertising per annum through all channels. That said, about 50% of the investment in discounting represents wasted investment on customers who are going to buy products or services anyway. We have the systems and expertise to help, to better understand and target the right amount of discounts, to customers who need it, at the right time.  See Smarter Discounting.

Most firms under-schedule their peak times. They capture the customers that visit, the customers that actually sat and waited, but do a much poorer job of understanding the sales and profit impact of missed visits, censored demand due to sub-optimal scheduling. We have the systems and expertise to help.  See Scheduling for the Customer.

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