A Case Study

Here’s one you may NOT know about, an unassuming privately held but steady growth company springing from the frozen north of Minnesota.

While we have been sleeping they have been steadily growing for decades, with same store sales growth Y/Y stringing out now for OVER 50 straight quarters.

Who is this? A not so little company called Great Clips, now with over 3,500 salons.

How?  Two recent examples:  First they have a fantastic check-in application.  Next, Clip Notes.  Clip Notes almost has a misleading name, because it is MORE than notes, it is actually a new language for delivering haircuts.  Clip Notes is a structured language that stylists learn so they can deliver the right cut consistently and conveniently.

Strip malls love having Starbucks as an anchor. Why? Steady every morning business.  We would imagine Starbucks pays rent, but in a very real way they a good example of a NEW Anchor, they are the lifeblood of the center, and it could be the other tenants should really be paying them to be there.  And maybe someday they will.

So, increasingly, are companies like Great Clips, though they don’t drive visits every-day they do every few weeks, like clock-work.  They have knowledge of their customer base that is Starbuck’s like or better with killer app’s that are arguably just as strong.

Companies Served

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Customer List

GREAT CLIPS INC. Retail Franchise Hair Care Salons
MEINEKE CAR CARE Retail Car Care Centers
JAZZERCISE Retail Fitness Centers
THRIVENT FINANCIAL Financial Financial Planners
CARLSON HOSPITALITY Hotel Brands – Radisson, Country Inn’s & Suites Worldwide Franchise and Corporate Hotels
ABRA AUTO BODY & GLASS Retail Multi Unit Auto Collision and Glass Repair
SCHWAN FOOD COMPANY Business to Consumer Home Food Delivery
TAYLOR CORPORATION Business to Business and Business to Consumer Print Communications & Promotional Products
PEARSON ASSESSMENTS Business to Business Learning and Education Assessment Products
IDEAS Business to Business Hotel Capacity Management Software
JIFFY LUBE Retail Automotive Service
PROEX PHOTO Retail Photo Development stores
BLOCKBUSTER CORP. Retail Video Rental
PAPA JOHNS PIZZA Retail Pizza Delivery
MARK VII EQUIPMENT Business to Business Manufacturer of car wash systems
OSMONICS Business to Business Manufacturer of Water Purification Systems