SABGRP Saas Knowledge Engines

Global Customer Connector

360 degree view of ALL your customer connections.

Customer Growth Model

The questions are YOURS. The model we build together. What are the key questions decision points that determine customer success? The Customer Growth Model is an enterprise level Consulting and Analytic Product that delivers. Proven methods model and capture the CAUSE AND EFFECT of customer growth across ALL functional areas. Start MOVING the measures that drive organic customer growth.

Customer Journey

There are many paths to customer success. THis knowledge engine identify the paths that work best. Scale up the paths that work best. Fix the paths that are causing customers to leave the path.

Smarter Discounting

Remember the old adage, half my advertising is wasted, I just don’ know which half? For most the same is true of discounting. The U.S. Economy invests 1 trillion dollars in discounting, a large % of this spending results in sales cannibalization and profit dilution. You CAN invest better. Our SMARTER DISCOUNTING engines are tuned to help you identify customers and prospects that will visit BECAUSE of your discounts and to turn OFF THE SPIGOT of wasted investment for prospects and customers who are going to buy anyway!

1:1 Touch Stream

All the testing in the world won’t matter if you can’t MAP what you are doing to ACTUAL CUSTOMER VISITS AND SALES. This engine adds ALL your customer touches across ALL Marketing Channels to ALL your customer connections. Supports randomized test/control, split tests. In short ties everything you do to everything your customers are doing and separates what matters from what doesn’t, what’s working from what’s not.

Scheduling for the Customer

For retailers, the key to success often boils down to being able to deliver what your customers want WHEN THEY WANT IT. Our engines analyze and optimize how well you are delivering the Brand Promise during peak periods and helps you move labor from valleys to peaks to drive customer growth and better optimize labor productivity.

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