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About Scott Ulring

Scott Ulring, partner, has over twenty years building brand promise delivery systems that work one customer at a time. Brands include Blockbuster Video, American Express Financial Advisors, Carlson Marketing Group (now EMIA), Carlson Hotels, Carlson Hospitality and Great Clips among others. Scott fell in love with data science as a graduate student at the University of Iowa and went on to extended graduate studies in multivariate methods working as a Senior Analyst at Fingerhut way back when. Scott started as a pioneer in lifetime value and profit scoring and has been on a fantastic ride ever since. Two years ago Scott and his partner decided to productize as a SaaS their consulting and analytic tools. These "knowledge engines" are best practice examples and package years of development, testing and real world knowledge of what works in the areas of segmentation, measurement, drivers and outcomes, marketing attribution and scheduling optimization. Scott lives in Minneapolis MN where there are lots of coffee shops some open as early as 6AM EVERY DAY. It is cold and dark a good bit of the year and that is highly conducive to this kind of work.

What is your MODE?

Imagine three statisticians out duck hunting—first one shoots 3 feet too high, second one, 3 feet too low, third one says “you got ‘em!” This joke explains why the MEAN average often misses the mark in the real world. You may remember from high school there are three averages, mean, median, mode. Within any series [...]

What about pricing and support?

Pricing All of our Knowledge Engines are sold on an SAAS pricing model. We sell base subscriptions and vary pricing based on two factors, the volume of transactions passing through our systems and the average sale for your primary service or product. The best way to get started is to let us show you how [...]

How can we help?

 Here are some of the ways... We help with data over load. The sheer number of connections means that increasingly companies are exhausted by data and database system sprawl. We can help, see Global Customer Connector. Each customer connection node has distinct characteristics, so do distinct modes, email, postal, application, sms, social media. We have [...]

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